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Infusing her jewelry line with sensual finesse and upbeat energy, Gaëlle Woodbury approaches her craft in a truly personal and subjective way, blending cherished memories with directional shapes. With a background in psychology, the Brussels-based designer is open to feelings and vibrations, placing strong emotions at the center of her work. Standing for refinement, color and intricacy, Woodbury Jewelry transcends the test of time to underline instincts and strong relationships, giving every piece its appeal and unique resonance.

Using exclusively gold, diamonds and precious stones, the collection is made in Antwerp by specialized craftsmen, ensuring high standards of design and production are met. Reinterpreting the symbolic and historical notion of talismans, Woodbury creates jewels, which are timeless, subtle and musical, freely mixing geometric shapes with vibrant tones. Expressing deep connections, joyful instants and genuine harmony, her jewels manage to be uplifting and liberating at once, moving away from the stiff and somewhat conservative feel of high-end jewelry.

Capturing the pace of one's heartbeat -and turning it into a yellow gold necklace- epitomizes Woodbury's thought process, turning human sensations into striking jewelry. Entitled “Love on the Beat”, this part of the collection allows the wearer to carry the heartbeat of their beloved directly on their skin, a faithful reflection of the designer's bond with her children. Most of Woodbury's jewels are, in fact, custom-made, approaching uniqueness as authentic luxury.

Recreating the precious feeling of one's skin against another, the “Touch me Forever” pieces are made using an intricate and exclusive process, allowing gold to melt directly into one's fingerprints. Woodbury was inspired by the ancient art of tattooing and decided to develop this part of the line after getting her children's names tattooed on herself.

Significant motifs keep popping up within the collection, from delicate curves and hemp leaves to stylized arrows and perfect circles, combining nature with geometry. With a rainbow-like palette of cheerful shades, Gaëlle Woodbury keeps her pieces fresh and radiant, finding her own language within an ancient form. Currently sourcing stones which were ethically produced, she puts benevolent intentions at the core of her creative work, which empowers and elevates the wearer.